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DX50 Double Disc Opener

Double Disc Planter by Boss Agriculture

Boss Agricultures DX50 double disc row unit is a robust parallelogram twin disc opener which delivers optimum seed placement and can be configured with a precision box or an air seeding delivery system depending on your requirements. The unit has been developed primarily for minimum or no-till broadacre farming applications where a tough, simple, highly accurate planter is required. The double disc unit offers superior seed placement, excellent ground following ability and minimal ground disturbance/moisture loss. The DX50 operates with an under-bar working height of 610mm & features simple positive seed depth settings with ¼” depth increments.

Boss Agriculture DX50 Double Disc Opener


The Boss DX50 row unit is now available with the Precision Planting vDrive (individual row electric drive) operating through the 20/20 SeedSense monitor and utilising WaveVision seed tubes. The combination of the DX50 and Precision Planting technology delivers unequal accuracy and longevity.

The DX50 is built on experience with a number of key features that set it apart from other double disc openers:

The parallelogram clamps to an RHS toolbar in the diamond position to ensure the unit locks in and is not able to twist on the toolbar, this also means the unit can be loosened and easily moved along the toolbar if required. The parallelogram features a simple, easy to use pin arrangement for adjusting the down force, all parallelogram pivots are fitted with replaceable bushes and chrome plated pins for reliable & smooth operation. Each unit can be individually pinned up when operating on wide or skip row spacing’s.

The DX50 has trailing gauge wheel arms which pivot on an extra wide 120mm bushing ensuring durability in the toughest broadacre conditions. Gauge wheel arms are fitted with replaceable bushes and axles which also walk independently to maximise seeding depth accuracy.

Gauge wheels are a spoke design which in sticky conditions allows mud shed off the disc by the tungsten blades to flow out through the spoked gauge wheel. The spoke wheel also provides easy visual inspection of the disc hub and internal scraper operation. Gauge wheels are fitted with an active stainless steel scraper ring which increases tyre life and extends operation in sticky conditions.

Twin 16” discs are mounted on durable tapered roller bearings with triple lip seals or quick change fully sealed double race ball bearings, depending on your requirments. Discs operate at opposing 4 degrees for a narrow seed trench which reduces down force requirements and creates a smaller “Vee” to close. The drop tube used is a proven highly accurate Precision Planting or John Deere seed tube; the seed tube knocker or protector which operates in front of the drop tube is unique being replaceable without removing gauge wheels or discs.

The unit has optional solid fertiliser and/or liquid fertiliser tubes which are easy to access and adjust without interfering with seed placement. Optional trash whippers, seed firmers, chain harrows and band-spray mounting are also available.

Press wheels are available in 1" x 12" or 2” x 12” rubber compound or cast steel. They are heavy duty with easy T-handle pressure adjustment and can be run offset or opposing depending on ground conditions. Press wheel pressure is adjustable up to 70kg for the most testing conditions.

The DX50 double disc opener units are available as individual row units or complete planters with various options, please feel free to call and discuss your specific requirements.

Boss Agriculture DX50 Double Disc Opener
Boss Agriculture DX50 Double Disc Opener








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