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NX 20 Parallelogram Double Disc Opener

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Boss Agricultures NX20 parallelogram twin disc opener is designed for narrow row applications and can be used for both seeding and fertilising. The narrow row design and reduced weight means that units can be fitted in between existing rows or set up on a single toolbar down to 250mm row spacing’s. Each unit weighs approx 55kg so linkage machines with narrow spacing’s can still be easily lifted and managed around the farm.

The NX20 unit is simple to operate & maintain with some key features:

  • The parallelogram clamps to an RHS toolbar in the diamond position to ensure the unit locks in and is not able to twist on the toolbar, this also means the unit can be loosened and easily moved along the toolbar if required.
  • The parallelogram features a simple, easy to use pin arrangement for adjusting the down force, all parallelogram pivots are fitted with replaceable bushes and chrome plated pins for reliable & smooth operation.
  • Each unit can be individually pinned up when operating on wide or skip row spacing’s
  • The NX20 row unit’s depth is governed off the press wheel which operates on a toe in angle to close the seeding trench; it can also be fitted with an optional chain harrow.
  • Twin 16” discs are mounted on durable tapered roller bearings with triple lip seals. Discs operate at opposing 4 degrees for a narrow seed trench which reduces down force requirements and creates a smaller “Vee” to close. The drop tube used is a steel fabricated tube for tough broadacre applications.
  • The NX20 double disc opener units are available as individual row units or complete planters with various options, please feel free to call and discuss your specific requirements.

NX20 Row Unit Features:

Boss Agriculture NX20 Parallelogram Twin Disc Opener
  • narrow 140mm mounting width
  • under-bar operating height approx 620mm
  • accurate seed placement
  • simple depth and pressure adjustments
  • 300mm of parallelogram travel
  • heavy duty tungsten blade scrapers standard
  • optional rear chain harrows
  • minimal servicing required
  • units can be individually pinned up when operating on wide or skip row spacing’s
  • row units or complete machines available
  • tapered rolling bearings
  • pivot joints fitted with durable poly bushes and chrome /stainless steel pins
  • suit 100 x 100 RHS - Adaptors available for 6", 7" or 8" toolbars
  • Australian Manufactured

What frame will suit the NX20 Row Unit:

  • Boss Linkage
  • Boss Paraflex (floating hitch)
  • Boss Single Bar Trailing (floating hitch)
Boss Agriculture NX20 row unitsBoss Agriculture NX20 row unitsBoss Agriculture NX20 row units

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