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Planting Over Contour Banks with Boss Disc Planter

Boss Agriculture's unique Paraflex frame is a trailing unit fitted with a floating hitch designed specifically for use with our single disc (SX25 & SX25P) and double disc (DX50) row units. The paraflex frames unique design is ideal for farmers & contractors operating in contoured, undulating or melon hole country. The simple and robust 2 bar sectional frame is available in widths up to 12metres/40ft wide in a single fold design.

The main benefits of the Paraflex frame compared to conventional planting frames is its ability to follow contoured, undulating or melon hole country with precision, allowing seeding depth to be as accurate as possible for fast and even crop germination. The key to achieving this lies in the frame design. Common wheel bridge frames fitted with large flotation tyres suspend a multi-sectional frame with the ability to not only flex up & down but also fore and aft allowing the frame to twist over the length of the machine.

Boss Agriculture Disc Planter Going Over Contour Bank

During transport the stability of the machine is greatly improved as weight is evenly distributed on all centre section wheels. The suspended sectional frame also minimises stress being transferred back into the wheel frames to improve the frame life and help maintain the frames integrity. The Paraflex frames engineered toughness means the frame is a very open design for accessibility without compromising its strength and durability.

Paraflex trailing frames are constructed of 100 x 100 x 9mm RHS with plated joints on both the top and underside of the frame to ensure maximum strength & durability. The proven frame design built with experience ensures no dead weight is carried with all cross members load carrying or supportive, the range of frames are fitted with 400-60 x 22.5 Floatation tyres as standard or 385-65 x 22.5 Super Single tyres if preferred. 

Boss frames are finished to the highest quality and come standard with many features:

Boss Ag Single Disc Planting Into Stubble and Mud
  • 2 Pak paint
  • Hydraulic saddles are used to carry all hoses
  • All pivots are fitted with replaceable spherical ball pivots
  • Saddle provisions for air seeder hosing
  • 2 stage parking jack
  • Laser cut identification on drawbar end for all hydraulic hoses
  • Laser cut hydraulic hose keepers provided when unhitching machine
  • All hydraulics hoses are protected with spiral wrap in rub prone areas
  • Unique flexing sectional frame
  • 5 Tonne capacity hubs used throughout
  • Tough durable 100mm x 100mm x 9mm RHS frame
  • Safety fold pins


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