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TX80 Parallelogram Tyne Units

Hydraulic Tyne 800lb Parallelogram

Boss Agriculture’s TX80 parallelogram tyne planting units set the standard in broadacre seeding; from the front to the back the Boss TX80 is built on experience to deliver a planting unit that is accurate, tough and simple to operate & maintain.

The TX80 offers an 800lb hydraulic breakout on the tyne trip and a 1” x 2” planting tyne to open the widest planting window whilst still maintaining accuracy and low disturbance.

TX80 Front to Back:
The parallelogram clamps diagonally to an RHS toolbar to ensure the unit locks in and is not able to twist on the frame; this also means the unit can be easily repositioned on the toolbar if required. The parallelogram features a simple, easy to use pin arrangement for adjusting the down force, all parallelogram pivots are fitted with replaceable bushes and 1¼”chrome plated pins for reliable & smooth operation.

Boss Agriculture TX80 Parallelogram tyne unit

The TX80 parallelogram row unit has a coulter assembly that runs in front of the tyne controlling operating depth. The coulter assembly operates with 2 half wheels running either side of a 20” coulter disc that cuts through the trash & fractures the soil, this reduces tyne blow out and allows the planter to operate in heavy trash with reduced disturbance and lower horsepower requirements. The coulter assembly runs on a greasable Holden hub fitted with marine seals.

Fitted with a heat treated spring steel low draft planting tyne with pin adjustable depth control in ½” increments. The tyne assembly has a removable seed boot which means it can be easily replaced with different attachments, or simply pulled off to be hard faced back in the workshop without removing the tyne. The tyne box assembly is heavily constructed to handle the constant load it operates under, again fitted with replaceable bushes and 1¼” chrome plated pins.

The TX80 press wheel assembly is a robust assembly with some unique features for ease of operation and longevity. The press wheel pressure is pin adjustable with a positive locking pin that self locates when increasing or decreasing the press wheel pressure. The main press wheel arm pivots on a central boss that is located in-line with the press wheel & parallelogram to increase operating life and reduce maintenance requirements; this pivot assembly is also fitted with the same replaceable bushes and 1¼” chrome plated pins used throughout the row unit. The press wheels are fitted to a greasable Holden hub and available in solid or pneumatic with a number of different profiles to choose from.

Interchangeable Disc Options:

  • Optional Boss double disc shank can be used by simply removing the front coulter disc and replacing the tyne with the double disc shank. The double disc offers very low disturbance and will run in heavy trash conditions whilst delivering excellent moisture & fuel savings.
  • Optional Boss single disc shank can be fitted to the TX65, the single disc shank offers very low disturbance and will run in heavy trash conditions.
  • New option available which allows the complete fitment of the Boss DX50 precision double disc undercarriage  onto your existing TX65 row units (The conversion will actually fit onto most parallelogram tyne row units). This option simply replaces the tyne and straight press wheel to give you a precision double disc undercarriage with walking gauge wheels controlling seeding depth and vee press wheels (The front Coulter Assembly has to be removed).
Boss Agriculture TX80 Parallelogram Tyne unit

TX80 specifications:

  • 800lb hydraulic  tyne breakout force
  • 1” x 2” planting tyne
  • 20” double bevel disc coulter (2¼” of disc cutting depth for heavy trash conditions)
  • Up to 400kg down-force
  • Inter-Changeable double disc shank available – double vee press wheels to suit available
  • Optional rear chain harrow available
  • Diamond clamp mounting 200mm wide
  • 680mm under-bar operating height
  • Proven durable poly bushes and 1¼”chrome/stainless steel pins used in the parallelogram & pivot joints
  • Accurate seed placement
  • Simple depth and pressure adjustments
  • 300mm of parallelogram travel
  • Planting, solid fertiliser or gassing options
  • Minimal servicing required
  • Row units or complete machines available
  • Tapered rolling bearings used in the press wheel & coulter assembly
  • Suit 100mm x 100mm RHS - Adaptors available for 6", 7" or 8" toolbars
  • Heat treated spring steel planting tyne
  • Australian Manufactured
    Boss Agriculture TX80 Parallelogram Tyne Unit


What frame will suit the TX80 Row Unit:

  • Boss Bridge (floating hitch)
  • Boss Supaflex (floating hitch)
  • Boss Para-Lift (rigid hitch)
  • Boss End-Tow (floating hitch)
  • Boss Linkage


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