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18/09/2012 Boss Double Disc Planters Fire Up for Summer Crop

With nearly all of our Boss DX50 (Double Disc) Summer Planters finished & delivered on farm (with the exception of CQ) now is the time to track one down & see it in action.

Our DX50 units offer the accuracy & toughness required for dryland cropping and they are available with the proven John Deere Vacuum metering system or can be fed with an air seeder depending on your requirements.

All manufactured locally in our factory at Inverell using the most up to date design & manufacturing techniques to deliver quality products that work.

Call us to discuss seeing one of these machines in action.

Boss Agriculture DX50 PlanterBoss Agriculture DX50

Click Here to see more pictures of some of the double disc machines recently delivered.


18/09/2012 New Boss Ripper - 2200lb Hydraulic Breakout

Boss Agricultures new 2200lb hydraulic stump jump ripper assemblies feature a 26" shank, cast point & cast shin guard.

Available as individual assemblies or complete machines the Boss 2200lb ripper is available in trailing or 3 point linkage models. It is built around our trusted heavy duty frame designs & available in a variety of widths and tyne configurations.

Boss Agriculture RipperBoss Agriculture RipperBoss Agriculture Ripper


Boss Agriculture Strip Till Machine
13/09/2012 New Strip Till by Boss Agriculture

Boss Agriculture's new Strip Tillage machine has been released with the first 12 metre machine just finishing approx 2000ha in the North Star area.

With a strong up take of strip tillage practises in the US, more & more Australian farmers are also seeing better results from utilising this equipment in the preparation of dryland summer cropping areas.

Benefits of the new Boss Strip Till include:

  • Creates the perfect summer crop seedbed.
  • Promotes an ideal soil environment to enhance seed germination.
  • Strip-tillage warms soils in the seed zone quickly and promotes the fast germination and growth of seedlings, reducing disease risk.
  • Fertiliser can be applied up front when strip tilling.
  • Strip tilling before planting improves the planting operation by reducing straw pinning, reduces seed zone compaction and planter down-pressure requirements.
  • Prolong the life and reduce the maintenance requirements of precision planting equipment.
  • Improves water infiltration & increases oxygen put into the soil through tillage to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter.
  • Leaves a planting bed that is slightly raised to reduce water-logging.

Call us to discuss your Strip Till requirements – complete machines & individual units available.

Strip Till MachineBoss Agriculture Strip Till MachineBoss Agriculture Strip Till Machine


05/07/2012 Dryland Cotton Ripper

Boss Agriculture's new range of cotton centre busters are available with either a 5 tonne breakout or 9 tonne breakout shank assembly. The first 3 machines are being put to work ripping out the remains of this year's dryland cotton crops in the Moree, Mungindi & North Star areas.

Using a 3 tyne system (per cotton row), fitted with mulch blades and a custom manufactured delta wing the results have been excellent. The heavy duty bolted 2 or 3 bar linkage models come standard with Cat 3/4 linkage and our heavy duty depth gauge wheels fitted with 11R x 22.5 tyres. Both the 5 tonne & 9 tonne shank assemblies are heavy duty fitted with a ripper point, replaceable shin guard and straight line shear bolt.

Boss Agriculture Cotton RipperBoss Agriculture cotton ripper


29/06/2012 New Robot Welder & CNC Lathe for Boss Agriculture

Boss Agriculture have just installed a new large capacity Mori Seiki CNC Lathe with live tooling and a new Lincoln Robotic Welding Station (increasing our robot welding capacity by 25%).

In this day and age with many manufacturers switching to imported cast components to cut costs, Boss Agriculture is a strong believer in manufacturing integral parts in our factory to maintain accuracy & quality. This results in components that are less prone to fatigue or failure and easier to repair or weld on farm if required.

These 2 new machinery editions to our factory will allow us to maintain this belief whilst delivering a better quality product, staying competitive & remaining proudly Australian manufactured.

Boss Robot Welding StationBoss CNC Lathe


29/06/2012 Boss Powder Coating Comes Online

Our new Powder Coating section is up and running allowing us to provide an even better finish to some of our planter & tillage components.

With on site sandblasting & now powder coating we look forward to offering an even better quality finish throughout our expanding agricultural equipment range.

Boss Powder CoaterPowder Coated Component


08/05/2012 Exceptional Results with Boss Double Disc Shanks.

With many farmers adapting Boss Double Disc Shanks to their existing tyne planters this year, results have been fantastic with great feedback.

Common results farmers have told us include: Increased fertilising and planting speed, upto half the amount of fuel used (compared to using a tyne), minimal trash blockages and minimal moisture loss due to low ground disturbance.

Boss Double Disc Shanks can be adapted to most tyne planters, offering proven in-field performance and are quick to change between the tyne and disc.

Boss Double Disc Shanks have been adapted to: Janke, Gessner, Gason, Excel, John Shearer, Flexicoil & Gyral Planters.

With farmers regularly telling us that they are using half the amount of fuel when running the disc shank, these units can pay for themselves in one season without taking into account moisture and time savings.

Double Disc ShankDouble disc shankPlanter with double disc shanks


26/01/2012 Boss Aftermarket Planter & Tillage Parts – Very Competitive Pricing Guaranteed

Trailing Press Wheel AssembliesTrailing Press Wheel Assemblies

Double Disc Shank AssemblyDouble Disc Shank Assembly

3 Metre Tractor Wheel Spacers
3 Metre Tractor Wheel Spacers

John Deere Unit fitted with Open Gauge Wheel Assembly

Boss Ag now carries a large range of aftermarket planting and tillage parts at very competitive prices.

Some of our range includes:

  • Press wheels (including rims, rubbers and complete assemblies for most popular makes)
  • 3 Metre tractor wheel spacers
  • 4½” Gauge wheels to suit Boss, John Deere, Norseman, Excel & Mason precision planters
  • 15” & 16” Single bevel disc’s to suit Boss, John Deere, Norseman, Excel & Mason precision planters
  • Complete disc & hub assemblies to suit John Deere
  • Tungsten mud scrapers to suit Boss, John Deere, Norseman, Excel & Mason planters
  • Open gauge wheel assemblies to suit Boss, John Deere, Norseman, Excel & Mason precision planters
  • Press wheel assemblies to suit  Boss, John Deere, Janke, Gyral, Gason, Flexicoil, Norseman, Excel & Mason planters
  • Drop Tubes, Box Toppers, Vacuum Seal Kits, Vacuum Blower Fans to suit Boss, John Deere, Norseman, Excel & Mason precision planters
  • Bearings to suit most popular makes of planters
  • Various Shanks & Points – hard faced & tiled
  • Disc’s & Coulters to suit most planters & coulter fronts
  • Scalloped Disc’s to Suit  Grizzly Offset – 28” x 8mm
  • Mud Scraper assemblies to suit the John Deere single disc units
  • Sorghum Fingers
  • Fertiliser Bins
  • Stabiliser Kits
  • Double Disc Shanks (replace the tyne in your existing planter to conserve moisture & cut through trash)
  • Nylon Bushes – (standard sizes to suit most parallelograms & lift wheel assemblies)
  • Row Crop components

Call us to enquire about your specific part requirements 02 6721 2677.


26/01/2012 Planters delivered to Farm

We have started to deliver planters to farm with some fertilising to start very soon.

New planters have been delivered to Walgett, Cryon, Moree & North Star so if your interested to see one of our machines give us a call and we can direct you to the closest one operating so you can see a complete machine working in the field.

We also have single disc and parallelogram tyne planters waiting for delivery in Inverell if you would like to call in and visit.

Planter delivered to Moree

2 x 12 Metre Supaflex planters fitted with TX65 Row Units delivered to Moree

Planter delivered to Cryon

2 x 12 Metre Paralift planters fitted with TX45 Row Units and trailing press wheels delivered to Cryon

18 Metre double folding Supaflex planter with TX80 Row Units delivered to North Star.






15/12/2011 Boss Agriculture planters ready for delivery early 2012

Boss Agriculture would like to extend an invitation to any farmers or contractors to come and visit our factory at Inverell & see some of the different planters offered in the Boss range. Right now is a great time to visit, as we have a large number of planters finished and ready for delivery early next year.  

Give us a call on 02 67212677 to let us know your coming and feel free to gather up a few neighbours and bring them along as well.

If you are unable to get away give us a call to discuss your specific planter requirements or ask us about running one of our demonstration units if you would like to trial a planter row unit.  

Panaroma view of planters outside Boss Engineering Workshop

Overhead shot of planters outside Boss Engineering workshop



06/12/2011 New Steerable Quad Gas Trailer

We have just released a new 12 tonne capacity steerable quad gas or liquid trailer. Our first 2 are located in Central QLD fitted with BigN  gas tanks for the coming season.

Manufactured using 5 1/2 tonne hub assemblies & with the ability to mount most gas or liquid tanks the steerable quad range of trailers will be complimented with a single axle version currently under construction.

Fertiliser Trailer for BigN GasSteerable Quad Gas Trailer



06/12/2011 24 Metre Boss Planter in Clermont

Peter & Kim Mifsud from Clermont have recently taken delivery of their new 24 metre Boss End Tow planter fitted with TX80 units on 500mm row spacing’s.

Boss Ag would like to thank the whole Mifsud Dryland farming enterprise for their support.

Peter and Andrew Mifsud Clermont24 Metre Planter working in Contour BanksPeter and Andrew Mifsud

Boss 80ft Planter with 800lb Hydraulic Row Units

Boss 24 Metre Planter with Steerable Quad BigN Gas TrailerBoss Agriculture 24 Metre Planter Going Over a Contour Bank

We also have to thank Mal for his efforts in putting Mick Grills in a bottomless mud hole during an early morning pig chasing expedition. Judging their expressions after they hit the mud hole while doing about 40km/h on a quad I think the mud helped to hide their shock!

Michael Grills in the Mud


05/12/2011 Movember Thanks.

Thanks to everyone who donated to us during Movember. After all the itchiness and wives protesting we managed to raise $1771.00 for a great cause. Our month of Movember was followed up with a 70’s themed Christmas party to complete the hairy face season.

Peter Mansur, Michael Grills, Dan Ryan & Andrew English at Boss Christmas PartyBoss Agriculture Staff


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