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Our experienced staff operate a late model LVD laser, creating clever & efficient time-saving components, with a fast turnaround for your individual manufacturing requirements.

 Laser Cutting Boss Engineering

Laser Cutting components adds value to all aspects of Manufacturing-

  • Accelerate manufacturing by using laser-cut key-fitted components
  • advanced nesting software minimises material wastage
  • common line cutting reduces cutting and material costs
  • speed and high precision accuracy
  • reduced jigging costs by etching fold or drilling lines and keying components together
  • clean finish on cut components
  • ability to cut complex components with high accuracy and repeatability
  • prototype to production quantities in the same setup
  • minimal heat affected zone is created, reducing mechanical stress on material
  • Boss Engineering can offer reduced lead times on laser cut components for fast tracking your urgent projects

LVD Laser Capabilities -

  • 4kW Capacity - (20mm m/s)
  • ability to cut aluminium, stainless steel, bisalloy and coated sheeting
  • 3000mm x 1500mm bed size with transfer table
  • all materials loaded with a vacuum lifter to protect the finish surface of the sheet
Laser cutting with LVD
 Laser cut plate
LVD laser









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