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Robot Welding Process

Robotic welding jigs are also designed in 3D software to ensure part accuracy and repeatability. This also allows simulation of the welding process to make certain all fabrication areas are acceptable.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding robot welding and encourage you to explore the time and cost saving advantages this technology may have for your business.

Robot Welding Jig

All jigs are fitted with a rotator which allows part rotation and welding synchronization if required. Depending on the sub assembly minimal or complex welding jigs may be required. The use of laser cut parts that key together and virtually jig themselves are utilised wherever possible and are a key focus area when sub assemblies are being refined or redesigned.

Robot Welded part

This sub assembly is manufactured in batches of 20 and jigging costs were recuperated after the 2nd batch.
A productivity gain of approx 160% compared with manual welding and cost savings per order now equates to approx 32% per batch as compared with manual fabrication.

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