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Meet our Staff

Team Leader: Robots


Zac joined BOSS a little over 7 years ago. He’s been in Robots the whole time, and is now the Team Leader.

“BOSS has good people, you are well looked after. You get back what you put in.”

– Zac

Row Crop Specialist


Josh has been at BOSS for nearly four years now, originally the team leader in Ag Parts before moving to a Row Crop Specialist position.

“A job at BOSS Agriculture is a rewarding career, as you are involved in a leader in the Australian Agricultural Sector. No job or task is too big for anyone in the business and it’s a full team effort from the Directors to our general labourers to ensure the tasks are complete to the highest quality and customer standard.”

– Josh

Team Leader: Ag Parts


The team leader of Ag Parts Sales, Marc joined the BOSS team 4 years go. He started in Purchasing, before switching to Ag Parts Sales two years ago.

“Working at BOSS provides everyone the opportunity to grow and contribute towards a quality product.”

– Marc

Team Leader: Field Service


Darryn has been at BOSS for 12 years. He started in Assembly before moving to field service.

“Working at BOSS is very rewarding and I get to do lots of travel.”

– Darryn

Team Leader: BOSS Built


Jordan joined two and a half years ago, running BOSS Built Sales.

“BOSS has a great work culture with opportunities and rewards for everyone.”

– Jordan

Team Leader: Assembly


Craig has worked at BOSS for 7 years, working in assembly before becoming the team leader there.

“BOSS provides great opportunities for increasing qualifications, building confidence, and learning management skills.”

– Craig

Team Leader: Finance


Leanne joined BOSS 12 years ago, working as the Financial Manager and leading the Office.

“I enjoy working at BOSS as it is challenging and rewarding, and you feel part of a team.  BOSS offers opportunities to people from many walks of life, and everyone has the chance to upskill and work in different areas of the Business.”

– Leanne

Team Leader: Welding, Fabrication, and Steel Cutting


Dave has been a part of BOSS for 12 years. He worked in Robots for 7 years before switching to Fabrication and then becoming the team leader there.

“BOSS has a wide array of opportunities, with lots of things to try. You are encouraged to train and upskilled, and it is easy to do so. The quality of the finished product is something to be proud of.”

– Dave

Team Leader: Machine Shop


Matt has been at BOSS for 12 years, working in and leading the Machine Shop for that time.

“BOSS is a great place to work. Everyone is super friendly and gets in and does their part.”

– Matt

Team Leader: Production Scheduling


Korey started at BOSS 3 years ago, starting in LASERs before moving to Production Scheduling.

“I enjoy problem solving and working with other team members to achieve our goals in productions.”

– Korey

Team Leader: Assembly


Brownie joined BOSS nearly 13 years ago, and has worked in Assembly and Field Service, and now manages Assembly and Wholegoods.

“Good people to work for, great equipment, flexible work hours if you need it.”

– Brownie

Team Leader: Laser


Kevin has been at BOSS for nearly 8 years, working in Laser.

“I enjoy working at BOSS engineering because they always offer opportunities to grow in your career choices.”

– Kevin

Team Leader: Design


Tom started at BOSS 15 years ago, working in Assembly after school. He then worked in Maintenance, LASER as both an operator and a programer, then in Jig Design, Jig Building, Robot Programing and finally Production Design.

“Taking great ideas and converting them in to real world solutions is the rewarding part of product design. BOSS provides an environment where good ideas are always heard, and are acted on without delay whether it’s a new product to be launched in to the market, or in house fixtures to make the working day of all staff safer, easier, and more productive.”

– Tom

Team Leader: HR


Rosie has worked in Human Resources for 4 years and is also actively involved in Business Development. Her long term goal is for BOSS to be the preferred employer.

“Career opportunity, long term employment and inclusion, what more could you ask for within a role and a business?”

– Rosie

Team Leader: IT


Andrew has been at BOSS for 6 years, having gone from the only member of IT to the Team Leader.

“Excellent work culture, varied and interesting projects to work on, and opportunities to push myself and further my career.”

– Andrew

Team Leader: Presses


Tim is a relativly fresh face at BOSS, joining about a year ago. He started in Presses as the team leader.

“BOSS has good people, friendly people, and every day brings new and engaging challenges.”

– Tim

Team Leader: BOSS Built Production


Shaun has been working at BOSS for 3 years, starting in Ag Parts before transferring to BOSS Built.

“Love the job, get to do exciting new things. It’s unique.”

– Shaun

Team Leader: Robots


Latrell joined BOSS 5 years ago, and has been working in Robots since then.

“Hard work pays off.”

– Latrell

Team Leader: Field Service Freight


Macca started at BOSS 12 years ago in the Machine Shop, before moving to Assembly, and then Field Service, before becoming Team Leader there.

“Working at BOSS is great because of the ability to grow within the company.”

– Macca

Team Leader: Field Service Freight


Albie joined BOSS 7 years ago, starting in Assembly before moving to Field Service before becoming Team Leader there.

“It’s a bloody good job. Every day is interesting, and different from the next.”

– Albie

Team Leader: Loading Shed


Lucas is a new face at BOSS, starting towards the end of 2023 as our Loading Shed team leader.

There are lots of challenges that bring out the best in you.

– Lucas

Team Leader: Airseeder


Hamish has worked for BOSS for 7 years, working on Airseeders that whole time.

“I love it! The company is very flexible, if you need time off you don’t feel like a burden.”

– Hamish

Team Leader: Paint


Chris began at BOSS 7 years ago, working in paint before becoming the team leader there.

“Flexibility is a big plus, and a sense of pride in a quality product.”

– Chris

Team Leader: Row Unit Assembly


Vince has worked at BOSS for two and a half years, working in assembly.

“Having a ball at work.”

– Vince